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Consulting, planning, production and assistance

Our mission is to create a new face of the cleaning.

We work with companies, receptive structures and public authorities in order to create safe and
healthy workplaces.

Our company

Atom detergents were born thanks to our extensive experience in the outdoor spaces cleaning. This is our Jolly Srl cleaning department that can  provide you with cleaning supplies, in particular they can be used for indoor spaces cleaning, for your personal care, to do the washing up or in your dishwasher, as well as for professional laundry services.

We can guarantee high quality levels, reliability and efficiency during all the phases of planning, consulting and technical support, even in the after-sale stage.

Laundries, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, schools and public authorities: whichever is your workplace, we can help your work with our gentle cleaning products.

Our plus

Group 20
Consulting and assistance

The direct contact with our clients and the human connection are the basis of our work because we
would like to give our customers the best cleaning solutions that can exactly meet their needs. In
other words, our aim is our customers' satisfaction.
We can reach every part of Italy to deliver everything that our clients' need.

Group 21

We put our extensive experience in every step of the process.
Experts and industry specialists will explain you how to use our products and how to take the best
economic, ergonomic and environmental advantages from every item.

Group 23
Guaranteed time

We keep up the orders very quickly because all the products on our catalogue are always available
in stock.

Group 22

We can guarantee the safeness of all our products' users and the safeness of all the workplaces.

Qualified assistance

We offer a qualified technical assistance seven days out of seven in order to avoid any machine stop and idle time.
We care about our clients' needs and for that reason we created a technical assistance service to help you with the dosing systems and the laundry dosing systems. This service is completely free of charge and it is available every day.
We support our clients step by step because we think that even the best items need a dedicated team of experts ready to help you choose the best programs and methods according to your need.
We also offer a wide range of washing and drying machines of the best brands as well as all the complementary tools such as carts and containers.

Our team

Our team works to provide you with a quick and accurate service. We are a small but effective team with great goals.

We care about every single client.

Our attention is strongly focused on the logistics, which is the soul of our company and always at the forefront in promoting innovative solutions.