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Professional hygiene and cleanliness

Atom detergents were born thanks to our extensive experience in the outdoor spaces cleaning. This is our Jolly Srl cleaning department that can  provide you with cleaning supplies, in particular they can be used for indoor spaces cleaning, for your personal care, to do the washing up or in your dishwasher, as well as for professional laundry services.
We can guarantee high quality levels, reliability and efficiency during all the phases of planning, consulting and technical support, even in the after-sale stage.

Our values

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Strong focus on ecology

We are committed to the preservation of the environment. For that reason we offer eco-sustainable products like our super concentrated JOLLYSYSTEM that can help you optimise the cleansing and reduce the consumption of plastic packagings.

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We offer a wide range of effective products, professional machines from different brands in order to guarantee a clean and healthy workplace.

Group 18

Our products meet the standards of the environmental regulation in force and our customers' needs. Our strong focus on ecology makes us great competitors on both national and international markets.

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Made in Italy

Our items are all made in Italy because we strongly want to keep high quality and safety levels.

Our partners

We only choose partners who share with us the same concept of quality and customer satisfaction.
We always try their products before putting them on the market because we want to get a perfect knowledge of the items we sell.
Hence, if we try a product and we find out that it is not good enough for our standards, we look for a solution, together with our partner, in order to always maintain our high quality level.

The highest quality for the lowest price

Our products can guarantee an excellent value for money and we can meet every customers' need.

Our detergents are ready to be used, they have a strong cleansing power and they are super concentrated, so they can be used with automatic dispensers.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certificate

We are proud to introduce you to our UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certificate that we achieved thanks to our great efforts in optimisation and reorganisation of our production chain.

We are now certificated for the planning and the creation of innovative services, specialized consultancy, technical support in the field of outdoor and indoor spaces cleaning for companies and public authorities.

We can provide you with the best products as well as support you during all the phases related to the production: we can help you find the perfect product that exactly meets your needs and we will assist you during the production step and the after-sale stage.

Our customers' satisfaction is our main goal.